Screw you recession!

5 03 2009

Virgin Mobile is lauching a brand new marketing campaign with the tagline “Screw you recession”. I just visited and saw the following message….

Virgin Mobile's new marketing campaign

Virgin Mobile's new marketing campaign

and I must say, I’m excited! Finally, a marketer is looking to understand its target consumers’ culture and utilize it in its marketing mix. There’s no better way to make an affective connetion with your target audience than by showing them (the target audience) that you understand their situation and emphathize with them. 

Additionally, the campaign positions the brand as an under-dog and even counter-cultural, signifying almost an anti-establishment image.

A great way to bring the “cool” to Virgin Mobile, eh?!  

In this case more importantly, the campaign fits well with Virgin’s overall brand essence/identity – Funny, creative, underdog etc.  Conceptually, I think this campaign has HUGE potential for success! What remains to be seen is how well it gets executed.




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