Facebook Vs- Twitter: Which is a better marketing tool?

19 03 2009

Here’s an excerpt from an interview of Emanuel Rosen, author – The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited: Real-life lessons in Word-of-Mouth Marketing

“Twitter has a couple of advantages at the moment. First, it gives marketers direct access to customers. If someone tweets about Volvo, the car maker can start a dialogue with that person. Access to customers on Facebook is more hierarchical: As a marketer, you can have a dialogue with people who identified themselves as fans of your brand or category. Then, you hope that they will spread the word to their friends. On Twitter, you have access not only to those who are most passionate about your brand, but to anyone who mentions it. This is powerful stuff as long as marketers use it to improve the customer’s experience and not to spam people. As marketers abuse the privilege of direct access, we can expect this advantage to erode.

Things in this space change rather quickly and Facebook has some strengths too, not the least important—a huge audience. If your potential customers are mainly on Facebook, the advantages of Twitter listed above don’t mean much to you, and you should launch on Facebook, which brings me to my last point: Whenever I’m asked an “or” question, I always question the very need to make a choice. Companies can pretty easily try both Twitter and Facebook and see which one works best for them.”

A second advantage derives from the nature of relationships between people on Facebook versus those relationships on Twitter. On Facebook the relationships are two-way. To define them as “strong ties” or “friendships” would be a stretch in many cases, but the links are stronger than on Twitter, where you can pretty much follow anyone and they don’t have to follow you back. This means that Twitter has more weak ties, which is actually a good thing in terms of how fast and wide information spreads.

The interview was conducted by Guy Kawasaki and is published on Guy’s blog – http://blog.guykawasaki.com/




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