The irony of punk culture in business

25 03 2009

Just as punk culture has proliferated in the arts through people such as  Andy Warhol and the Sex Pistols, it has also inspired businesses such  as Apple and VICE. But throughout history we have witnessed the susceptibility of punk culture to commercialization. Many of us attribute this very reason for the Sex Pistols’ demise. Ironically, companies like Apple and VICE, who have traditionally had a strong cult following, have now grown to immense proportions and have come to represent  the “corporate” image that they initially started out fighting!

From a marketing standpoint though, their built-up brand equities seem to be carrying them forward. My question however is when this  “commercialization” will actually get to a point where it will stop being relevant to their traditional consumers. Will they(companies) still be cool? or are we just witnessing yet another “Nevermind” phenomenon?





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