Who’s responsible for my spam?

1 04 2009

You know how you give out your email address on certain websites (for updates) hoping they don’t distribute it to other vendors but invariably end up getting spammed! Well now there’s a way to track your lists and determine who is giving out your information. So here’s what you do:

When you’re giving out your email, after your email address add a “plus” sign and any identification words after. Emails sent to this ID will reach you anyway, but more importantly will carry the distinctive address you had provided, thereby giving you a way to separate them out and track them. 

Here’s an example: Assume you’re giving your email out to the LCBO.

Give it out as:  john.smith+lcbo@gmail.com (your original address is john.smith@gmail.com).

So any emails you recieve carrying this address will tell you that it was given out at the LCBO. In gmail, you can then separate these out through labels or simply through a search… and if someone is violating your privacy, you will at least know who it is that you have to deal with.




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