…and the Buzz Marketing debate continues

16 04 2009

I blogged on ethics in Buzz Marketing a while back and some recent events on Chris Brogen’s site has prompted me to blog on the subject matter again. Of late, people have been giving Chris Brogen a hard time because he wrote a few blog posts praising some companies simply because he had genuinely had a great experience with them.buzzorbust

I just want to clarify here that whether or not these companies gave Chris something (free product/experience etc) is immaterial. What matters is that he will praise a company / product only if he feels that the experience he has had truly warrants praise. In his recent blog, Chris did a great job of summing this up…

“Giving someone something doesn’t elicit praise. Praise comes from an experience that causes positive emotions, and that’s a tricky thing that matters. It’s hard to do the right things to elicit praise, but then again, that’s the deal.”

…and this is the premise that Buzz Marketing is and must be based on! Creating a truly unique customer experience and exceeding expectations will ultimately prove to be the best way to generate buzz.




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