A Virgin in F1, but not in branding!

28 04 2009

Virgin has always been a brand that I have admired. Being an ardent Formula 1 fan, here I am feeling compelled to blog about them. In March this year, Virgin decided to enter Formula 1 by sponsoring the Brawn F1 team. Not only was it a great decision to enter Formula 1, but Virgin couldn’t have picked a better team to sponsor. 

Ross Brawn had just saved the Honda F1 team from dissolution. More so, he had been successful in creating a car that even though lacked certain newer features (such as the KERS system) was still performing better than other leading teams such as Ferrari and Mclaren. Brawn GP subsequently went on to getting a dream 1-2 finish at the Australian Grand Prix and the rest is becoming history. Now all this has done some amazing things to the Virgin brand and I have a sneaky suspicious that its not a coincidence. 

By joining forces with Brawn and helping resurrect the Honda F1 team early in the game Branson is perceived as a saviour, taking on mythical meaning (along with Ross) within Formula 1 – think of it like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Now, I may not be out of line here to mention that all this “resurrection” happened around Easter! (coincidence? I’m not quite sure…these are brilliant Marketing minds we’re talking about)

Through the process, Brawn and Branson have managed to create a brand that is now mythical and even sacralized. Branson has once again showed us that he and Virgin remain true to their beliefs – to be underdogs, edgy, willing to take on risks and continue to topple giants!




One response

6 05 2009

indeed, they made a great deal. i bet force india is a little bit jealous (as other newcomers in f1)…
please take part in my f1 poll:
thx, rgs

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