Is social media really that social?

12 05 2009

Ever since I started using Twitter, this question has been bothering me – how social is social media today? Where is this platform going to go over the next couple years? After hearing Mitch Joel talk about this issue in his podcast last week, I decided to blog about it.


I did a little experiment a few weeks ago – I asked a question on my facebook as well as Twitter feeds. I got over a dozen replies on facebook (with about 300 friends as far as I can remember) and 2 replies on Twitter (with over 1,800 followers). This experiment really sums up “the game” for me today – platforms like twitter are really encouraging mass broadcasting/publishing. Its really not encouraging social interaction. Having said that, many blogs still do and I hope mine will as well. I therefore strongly urge you (as a reader, consumer, blogger, twitterer etc) to look at creating communities within each of these platforms. Sharing through broadcasting is okay, but its sharing through personal interaction that really helps me sleep at night.




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