We just don’t get it, do we?

19 05 2009

adobe digital editionsI bought a pdf version of a book recently because it was about 50% cheaper than the print version only to find that I specifically had to use Adobe Digital Editions to read it. Furthermore, I couldn’t print any of the pages, copy any of the text or even make highlights for that matter. The interface sucked as well and it basically made reading extremely hard. I had to eventually go out and purchase the print version.

Just like the music industry, the publishing industry just doesn’t get it! Just the fact that I chose to pay to download the book (yes, the pirate version was available as well) must mean that I value the book and would like to reward the author and publisher for all the effort that went into producing it. But all the restrictions just left a bad taste in my mouth. As a consumer, I’m sick and tired of being treated like a thief and a criminal.
We need to understand that if these new monetary models are to work, we need to start by first addressing consumers’ needs and look to provide exceptional value.

Piracy has taught us all that if corporations are unwilling to listen to changing needs, someone else will. As a marketer, I myself would like to take charge and out-pirate the pirates!

You should as well.




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