– Not quite up to the task just yet

20 05 2009 has been making quite a bit of news lately – their CEO left and joined myspace, they recently lost their CFO and have just acquired “total music”. I recently set up an account on the website to check it out. Now, I must say that having used Spotify (which basically gives you access to pretty much any kind of music through iTunes and currently only works in the U.K), my expectations from were pretty high and I was disappointed.

Its not surprising that the company continues to struggle. When the product itself doesn’t function well, it becomes difficult to gain users. Here’s a quick review:

  • Overall – easy to use interface, but lacks clarity and organization (would’ve loved to see tracks organized according to album or artist or year etc)
  • Could not figure out how to add songs to my playlist initially…its weirdly setup.
  • Many songs were low quality versions of the studio recording (and you can’t determine that when you add it to your playlist)
  • Almost every 2 to 3 tracks, a track doesn’t render properly – many songs don’t finish and the software just jumps to the next one in the playlist.

Overall, my experience wasn’t good. I don’t think I’d use it again. SPOTIFY, we need you here in North America!




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