“A Society in Motion”

30 05 2009


The new brand image of the STM

The new brand image of the STM

The Montreal transit system (Société de transport de Montréal) is currently in the process of rebranding itself. The STM doesn’t want to be known as yet another city transit system. It wants to establish a position in the marketplace that is not only unique but also helps build an emotional connection with the consumer; hence the tagline –  “Society in Motion”. I personally think this is a great idea. I blogged on the shift in consumers’ cultural conditioning a while ago and I think this new brand identity fits very well with whats prevelant in culture today. Consumers’ will be a lot more receptive to such ideas now and if executed well, this new brand image is bound to build some great customer loyalty and increase transit usage. 

For more, check out www.societyinmotion.org




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4 07 2009

I wish the state-owned domestic airline in India would think along these lines and think seriously about its branding and image. First it was called ‘ Indian Airlines’, then it became ‘Indian’ and now, ‘Air India’. The colour of the aircraft too continued to change- from grey to orange (or was it some other colour?) to red (reminds you of ‘Kingfisher’ airline!)

6 07 2009
Ujwal Arkalgud

Yeah, I agree. Unfortunately most brands don’t realize the importance of consistency in branding. Re-branding a product or service once might make sense, but again and again only adds to the confusion.

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