Critical insight lives outside the survey – in culture

4 06 2009


Community Vehicular Reclamation Project

Community Vehicular Reclamation Project



The ‘remix’ is still around and it propagates itself in various shapes and forms around us. This (see picture) is yet another example of the counter-culture making its way onto the streets – The Community Vehicular Reclamation Project. Who are the people behind these forms of art today? What sort of a subculture do they live and operate in? What makes them unique and gives them an identity in society?

These are just some of the important questions that I am asking as a marketer looking to understand consumer culture. 


So, how is knowing about and understanding this subculture useful to the marketing industry?

1. You could take inspiration from such art in designing your own campaigns (there have been many such in the past and have proven to be an effective way to generate buzz, or get arrested…)

2. These artists could be your “influencers” – so understanding their culture would help you better target them.

3. Even if they’re not part of your target market, the issues they take up could have a direct negative impact on the sales of your product/service – especially given the cultural conditioning of people today. 

While many such counter-cultures may appear small and disjointed, history has shown us that it only takes a few small but critical events before one such culture attains critical mass. We need to pay attention.




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