Net Neutrality prevails!

5 06 2009


Supporting Net Neutrality

Supporting Net Neutrality

The CRTC’s decision on New Media has been extremely sensible and fair. Overall, the rights of Canadians to share and communicate across the internet is unaffected. Free Speech prevails, for now.

Here’s a great quote from  CRTC Commissioner Tim Denton:

The rights of Canadians to talk and communicate across the Internet are vastly too important to be subjected to a scheme of government licensing. If more Canadians were aware how close their communications have come to being regulated by this Commission, not by our will but because we administer an obsolete statute, they would be rightly concerned. Fortunately, good sense prevailed and the evidence for intervention was not yet present. But this confluence of facts may not always be there. Thus the call for a government review of a digital transition strategy is both wise and opportune. Let us fix this problem.




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