East Side Marios: What are you doing?

19 06 2009

Is anyone else out there confused about what ESM is trying to achieve?

I’ve been hearing about the restaurant having a makeover, possibly undergoing a re-positioning for a while now. I personally noticed that they’ve removed a lot of things in the decor (such as the changed logo – the statue of liberty has vanished) that initially allowed for an easier connection to Little Italy in New York.

Marketing Mag recently wrote about these changes (once again…! I remember reading a very similar article last summer as well in the Magazine) and talked about their new 30 sec spot. I personally compared it to the old video (see below) and I must say, they’ve done a really lazy job – pretty much the same visuals with a slight difference.

I’m also constantly left confused about how they’re trying to position themselves (I’m not a big fan of companies that try to be all things to all people). So, are they trying to go upscale now (again, not an easy task going from mid to high)? They’ve certain gotten a lot more calorie conscious and ad’s seem to portray a little more sophistication.

Finally, having visited one of the restaurants in Toronto recently, I felt that the company might have been better off concentrating its resources on improving the overall customer experience (at various touch-points, one of which includes reducing the serving time and ensuring that the food is served hot!) rather than executing a hap-hazard marketing program.

Here’s the older version.

and the new 30 sec spot.


(I wasn’t allowed to embed the video)




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