Transparency through crowd-sourcing…what about efficiency?

24 06 2009
The crowd sourcing phenomenon

The crowd sourcing phenomenon

The WEB 2.0 magic spins again! The Guardian in the U.K has managed to crowd-source an investigation into MP’s expenses by getting almost 20,000 of its readers involved in shifting through 160,000 pages of government documents. This is a great example of how the web2.0 sphere is allowing communities of people to come together and work towards a common cause. Companies are now looking to crowd-source their market research. I personally am in search of real examples of projects where that was done efficiently (I’ve heard of examples where crowd-sourcing actually ended up costing more than the traditional outsourced model). If you happen to know any, please feel free to post it on the site (in a way I’m trying to crowd-source information collection). Anyway, its an exciting time to be alive and I’m curious to see how this space turns out over the next few months.




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