Rebel culture feeds consumerism

15 07 2009

I’ve constantly wondered why brands like Apple manage to maintain a rebellious and anti-establishment image when they’ve actually become very much a part of the mainstream. More importantly, I’ve wondered why loyal fans of these brands continue to support them, even though they (the brands) end up standing for everything their fan’s opposed in the first place. Then, it hit me (well after a many hours of reading and researching)! Rebel culture is a key driver of consumerism (the very thing it starts out opposing). Its the need to stand out in a crowd, the need to be different that drives the rebellious consumer and this creates new trends, new products and new markets. The end result – yet another mass product/service. As I continue to read on these issues, I get more and more convinced.

The more you rebel, the more you succeed – especially true in today’s environment. Marketers notice.

If you’ve thought about what I just said, you can now watch this musical on consumerism and see it in a completely different light.




One response

17 07 2009

not sure i agree entirely. Apple’s brand values have remained much the same throughout. Only diff – they’re going mass now, which is supposedly gonna dilute their brand equity. Debatable point though. n Apple seems sure to defy this logic.

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