Canadian copyright laws need protection from American influence

2 08 2009

So, I’m assuming that Record Labels are getting a lot of pleasure in suing their own consumers and making them pay thousands and millions (in some cases) of dollars in compensation. I mean, if they aren’t, why would they do it? Wouldn’t they just (like every other business, well other than the Auto industry) rather put their resources in learning, adapting and innovating? Wouldn’t they rather create a new business model? Well, aparently not.

The RIAA recently fined Joel Tenenbaum (a student!) over $600,000 for downloading 30 tracks illegally. They basically charged him $22,500 per song. Now I would like to quote Pete Cashmore from his post on Mashable here…

If a song is worth $22,500, the record industry is truly giving us a bargain by selling them for $0.99 on iTunes.” Right Pete! A real bargain!

Its events like these that make me proud of living in Canada. If your wondering how the law stands in Canada, Michael Geist did a blog post on it a while ago. Check it out. As far as the RIAA and its legal proceedings go, I’ve blogged on this before and I’m tired of getting frustrated and angry. Maybe someday, someone will truly change this business model.




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