Authenticity is now a counter-culture!

17 08 2009

I’ve spent the last couple months chatting heavily with people I meet about Authenticity.  I’ve finally drawn some conclusions. Its now time to share.

Mainstream culture today readily accepts the unauthentic. Just look at the countless number of airline ads or hotel ads that constantly talk about providing a great experience. Then remember the number of times you’ve been frustrated in dealing with these very companies!

Similarly, think back to the growth and  success of the game “Second Life” or to the differences between your own facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Dove's award winning Evolution Campaign

Dove's award winning Evolution Campaign

An ad for Axe Deodorant

An ad for Axe Deodorant

Just as William J. Levitt started churning out affordable suburban homes in the post WW2 era, companies today are churning out products and services that lack real authenticity.  So much so that some brands are taking it a step further and poking fun at their own lack of authenticity.

So, in essence, the counter-culture today belongs to the REAL AUTHENTIC. So what makes you REAL? Well, for one, the real authentic doesn’t claim to be authentic! It just shows… . Here are a few ideals that I think could lead to a lot of success in today’s environment (provided it adhere’s to your values of course!).

SIMPLICITY – Keeping it real, simple and transparent.

MINIMLISM – a No-Frills attitude.

GROUNDED VALUES – having values that are real, open, grounded and adhered to!

NATIONALISM – Globalization was the Mantra until about a year ago, before sh*t started hitting the fan on Wall Street. Today its more about Nationalism – Canadian companies fighting their bigger stronger American counterparts are bound to get more support!

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2 responses

18 08 2009

regarding Globalisation: Globalization was and is being driven by private enterprises whereas governments will be the engine of nationalism….just my personal opinion…. don’t think private firms will pay much heed to the concept of nationalism unless their workers start complaining and raising a hue and cry over jobs being lost….

Simplicity, grounded values and a no-frills attitude: these perhaps are the ethos against which marketing of products and services is aimed at… so yes I’d agree that these things are definitely a part of counter-culture yet most of marketing tries to get people rid of these.

just my 2 cents…..

18 08 2009
A 601 advisor

This blog is full of ‘MBA speak’

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