Social Media Junkie? Canada’s the place to be!

8 09 2009

This post actually reaffirms my desire to live in Canada (for those of you who are unaware, yes, I am an immigrant and I moved here a couple years ago).

Here’s a map of certain key countries in the world and their internet advertising markets. You’ll notice that in India only 0.24% of the population has access to Broadband Internet Services! I actually imagined it might be higher today but I guess not.

For those of you interested, Canada is not actually on that map (as usual) but I recently read some IAB reports that said that internet penetration in Canada is actually over 80% – which is phenominal ! So, my conclusion: If you want to be at the cutting edge of whats happening in the social media marketing sphere, Canada’s not a bad place to be!

On a side note, I was actually very surprised to see Germany lacking in online advertising spend. Any comments?




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