The internet – not as open as we initially imagined it to be!

9 09 2009
Speak Out On Copyright

Speak Out On Copyright

The internet was supposed to be a platform that allowed you to communicate across the globe – that gave you access to information at all times, without restrictions. But when I log on to websites like Pandora or to the BBC’s Formula 1 page, I feel a deep sense of betrayal. Not only am I being restricted from accessing information, but I am also being watched now!

This is why we need parties like the Pirate Party (in Europe and now in Canada) and websites like speakoutoncopyright to build opposition to bills such as the C-61. We need to build opposition to laws that ruin our right to privacy.

Anyhoos, I’m happy to report that of the various entries received during the copyright consultation, there have been over 4000 submissions on and most of them oppose Bill C-61. Hopefully democracy will prevail !




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