Passion Marketing

23 09 2009

I’ve been talking and brainstorming about this with friends and colleagues over the past several months and here are my conclusions.

If you market with a cause, a passion, meant for the betterment of society – you’ll massively improve your chances of success. However, when I refer to marketing with a cause, I’m not talking about the traditional “Cause Marketing” . Let me explain.

Figure out what you believe in as a company and ensure that that opinion proliferates through your brand. e.g. If you’re an “off the beaten path” architect looking to provide great value, do so…but do it with a passion for saving the world. Remember, I’m not saying lie! All I’m saying is that figure out what cause you are backing through your product’s and company’s values and market it with a passion.

The key is to romance the ideal that you and your product stand for. Given the current cultural conditioning of consumers, I would say this is the right way to go!




One response

23 09 2009

I whole-heartedly agree! Somewhere along the line we’ve lost ourselves, our ethics and our accountability when it comes to business. Marketing should make you feel good not only because it gives you a return on your investment, but because you believe the underlying cause and that it somehow betters society.

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