Canada – you don’t get the Kindle! …well at least not yet.

11 10 2009

Here’s a great link to an editorial from Globe and Mail (published Oct 9, 2009) titled:

Canada’s stumbling blocks

I agree with the author…the problem in Canada goes much beyond a disucussion around newer technologies making their way into the Canadian economy. The problem lies in policy making, in setting the right priorities in economic development. Canada’s heavy reliance and devotion to natural resources has robbed policy makers of interest in pushing innovation, cultivating competition and creating companies that can compete and stand their ground (not get bought out by yet another american firm) on a world stage.

Companies such as RIM don’t come around easily…unless something drastic is done about it!




One response

11 10 2009

I believe the Kindle has a a lot to do with’s early days when it started as an online book retailer – the idea is superb! Why lug books when you can carry 1000’s of them in 1 small device? Have done some research on them and till recently – India was among the countries which did not have access to the kindle. I was yearning to have one AND use all of it’s features – can do it now!

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