Social Media: A massive testing ground

11 10 2009

Paramount pictures seems to be testing the grounds for its latest release – Paranormal Activity. The company has been using social media to drive attention and create buzz around the low-budget release.

I think there are some great lessons to take away from this social media campaign.

1. Use social media as a personal testing ground – the greatest benefit of SM is that it can be used to test, tweak and retest and retweak campaigns, ‘feel out’ unclear markets and basically make up for a lack of market intelligence.

2. Make sure you have a call to action in social media campaigns – it’s critical to get people really involved, instead of having them function as dormant viewers who may or may not recall the campaign/ad. As you can see from the screenshot below, Paramount has not only created a call to action but has also managed to create a sense of urgency and excitement (with a clever counter thats constantly moving and updating).

Paranormal Activity




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