Understanding Social CRM – The Rypple example

2 11 2009

I recently started using Rypple and after creating a custom feedback plan, I realized that I couldn’t edit my plan once it was saved. So I decided to tweet the guys at Rypple and let them know. Not only did they reply immediately and thank me for giving them feedback, but most importantly, they got back to me a week later telling me that the functionality was now implemented!

Social CRM is about allowing a buyer to dictate terms…its about listening to the buyer’s needs and then delivering a product that addresses his/her needs. This is exactly what Rypple did in the example above. In fact, they went a step further and made a part of their development/testing process. They’ve made me feel like I’m helping them improve their product (which I am in whatever small way) and in the process have empowered me as a consumer.

Here’s a great video of Mike Schneider explaining Social CRM from SocialMediaB2B.com

In this video, Mike talks about how Social CRM looks at the CRM process with a different lens. Traditionally, we’ve been used to transmitting messages into the community and then waiting for responses. Now, its about listening to messages about your brand/product in the marketplace and creating an experience that addresses customer needs.

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