Canadian Recording Industry faces a $6 Billion Lawsuit!

9 12 2009

What an ironic situation! The Canadian Recording Industry faces a $6 Billion lawsuit.

Unfair copyright laws have been affecting a lot of us and there has been a lot of conversation around copyright reform lately, especially here in Canada. However, traditionally, the recording industry has been heavily in favour of excessively long term copyright laws as it allows them to claim royalty on tracks produced decades ago! The recording industry in the United States has managed to take its paws a step further, by suing and winning lawsuits against two consumers, who were each slapped with millions in damages.

Now, the recording industry itself is being sued and if charges allocated in previous lawsuits (against consumers) are to be taken as a benchmark, the recording industry could owe Chet Baker’s estate close to $6 Billion.

What an ironic situation…although I would have preferred if this had taken place in the U.S – just to make a point.


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