Guerilla marketing with a social cause!

5 01 2010

Bangalore has traditionally been a city of gardens and parks. However, traditionally, the walls around some of the larger parks in the city have been covered in political posters, spray paint (not graffiti art by any means), movie posters, local municipal and college election campaign posters, religious paintings and messages by local language chauvinists that often used the wall to swear allegiance to the language. All of the above makes many public walls in the city look pretty shabby. However, the Ministry of Tourism of the state of Karnataka (the state in which Bangalore lies) seems to have found a solution. They’ve hired artists to paint images of scenic tourist spots in the state on all these walls.

The net result: A campaign that resembles a guerilla marketing campaign around the city promoting state tourism while beautifying city walls and giving the city a facelift.

Now what remains to be seen is how well it will be executed and if people will respect the art enough to not start postering them again!

From a marketing perspective, I do feel that there is a lot more potential in this campaign than is being realized. A big thing missing is a message – something that makes people feel proud and passionate about where they live. A call to action is also missing.  Unfortunately with campaigns like these, until people identify with it and feel passionately about the message being conveyed, it’s very difficult to really achieve phenomenal results.




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