Social Media… measurable?

3 02 2010

Last night I attended a great event on Day 1 of Social Media Week here in Toronto. There was some great conversation, quite animated at times. What I found really surprising however, was the number of people at the event who still didn’t believe that social media’s impact was measurable. I personally don’t understand why people are still so uncomfortable about measuring social media. Just look at traditional forms of media such as television. How would you measure impact? Through GRPs, TRPs or impressions? How would you measure the impact of an OOH campaign? Impressions again? How do you think thats calculated?

When you really think about it, Social Media can actually let you track your prospects movement right from the time they happen to consume your content to the time they enter and complete your sales pipeline. Social Media conversions are actual conversions, not estimates. When someone says my digital campaign had an ROI of x%, its actually quite close to the real number. So, I ask you again, is it really about measurement or is it just a matter of having an open mind and giving something a try?!




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