Dove for men?

12 02 2010

I’m not someone who’s usually a fan of brand extensions. They invariably tend to dilute the built up brand equity of the parent brand. However, having said that, I do feel that the new mens line from Dove could actually be successful. Here are 2 simple reasons why:

1. Culturally it has become acceptable for men to take care of themselves. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys at Dove were working with some numbers that showed quite a few men already using their products (no, I’m not one of them!)

2. In this particular case, dove seems to be very cleverly making positive use of their brand equity, telling men that they work hard and slog all their lives and hence deserve a little luxury for their skin. The ads are also pretty slick…hmm, maybe I need make a trip to the local grocery store!

Now we have to wait and see how the campaign and product actually fairs in the marketplace.




One response

25 02 2010

It’s interesting that Unilever would take such a femine brand like Dove into this space. I guess ‘metrosexuality’ is old news. Unilever (Dove’s parent company) is also makers of Axe, so they’ve probably learned quite a lot with Axe’s body wash and shampoo campaigns. I can see the argument that the Dove for Men brand fits the space between Axe (students), Irish Spring (the man’s man) and Old Spice (Grandad’s brand).
You could also see this as an extension of the ‘campaign for real beauty’ where it’s not about fashion models, but ‘real people’. Once you move away from the ‘ideal female form’ maybe you’re one step closer ‘soap for dudes’, so there’s some brand currency there.
Also, I hate soap that makes my skin itch. No time for that stuff 🙂

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