Social Media Measurements: A shift in culture?

2 03 2010

House of Tweets, Source: How MPs use Twitter (Globe and Mail)

I blogged a couple weeks ago about the need for a cultural shift before people start accepting various metrics for social media measurement. Well, it seems like that shift has already begun. Here’s an article from the Globe that talks about how MPs in Canada are using twitter to propagate their messages and engage in conversations with their followers. It’s interesting to notice that the analysis in this article was done by looking at a free tool called “Twitalyzer”. Metrics such as “Clout”, “Influence” and “Generosity” were taking seriously in this analysis. This is great news for all us social media geeks and junkies. This is only a sign of great things to come.





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3 03 2010
Mark Blevis

Thanks for helping to raise awareness about “House of Tweets” and the role of social media as channels for communication.

I had a very interesting conversation with some members of the Calgary social media community last night and one noted while he doesn’t agree with the politics of a particular party, he’s far more willing to follow and understand the position of that party because the leader responded to his concerns on Twitter.

The opportunities for engagement brought about by social media could one day help shape the political landscape of Canada beyond the Facebook vote swapping and election result sharing that took place during the last federal election.

5 03 2010
Ujwal Arkalgud

Hi Mark, Sorry about the late response, but I absolutely agree with you. The amazing thing about social media is that it breaks down traditional barriers that existed between content producers and consumers. In your example its between politicians and citizens. I first understood the power of social media and twitter when I tweeted the band Toadies a while ago and they replied right back to me. SM now provides politicians the ability to really listen and hopefully use that information to make an emotional and personal connection with voters. Great time to be alive! 🙂

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