Who the heck is the interpretivist?

The interpretivist is a Marketer, a Musician and a recent MBA. He likes to use both the left and right sides of his brain. When he’s not working, he’s designing and executing marketing programs, blogging, writing music and jamming with his band and of course spending time with his friends and family. He is a little bit of an iconoclast and believes that the world would be a better place if marketers aimed to understand consumer subculture instead of rolling out research involving surveys after surveys of statistically sampled data.

He is also quite the curious cat (or dog), and he’d love to hear from you. You can give him a shout either through this site, through twitter (http://twitter.com/interpretivist) or

through linkedin (http://www.linkedin.com/in/interpretivist)

PS: I think that’s him in the picture below.




One response

12 04 2009

I am glad you took the initiative buddy 🙂 I read some of your entries and since I haven’t spoken to you in a long time, I can tell that you are getting into marketing. Hope Schulich is treating you well…Cheers,

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