Apple fu*ks innovation

5 03 2010

Credit: Dimitri Castrique

I’m upset about Apple suing HTC.


1. Apple is a company built on the very foundation of the remix – need I remind everyone of how the first mac OS was built or where the design ideas for the ipods came from.

2. You cannot be allowed to patent an experience or the way we interact with a certain product. That is what prevents technology from moving ahead. I don’t know how such patents might work in Canada but my gut tells me that you can’t patent such experiences in Canada. Imagine a world where “the mouse” was patented and only XYZ company could use them! Makes no sense.

3. Apple’s roots lie heavily entrenched in punk culture. Through the years they’ve done such an amazing job of building brand equity and creating brand evangelists that they don’t seem to be afraid anymore. I personally do not think the culture of Apple’s target audience goes well with the concept of lawsuits or excessive patenting.¬†Somehow the carry over equity is so heavy that small deviations from that culture (in the form of this lawsuit for example) won’t really affect Apple. So unfortunately it looks like they’re going to continue doing what they do. It’s up to us as consumers of Apple products to put our foot down and make them listen. Apple really doesn’t have a strong ethical background, do they?